Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu – Version 2 I received my Ph.D. from the UCLA Department of History in 2015. Teaching is my passion. I see teaching as my opportunity to evoke in students the excitement for discovery that I myself experience as a scholar and researcher. My goal as an educator is to teach students to be active learners able to think critically and creatively and to ask meaningful questions about the past as well as the present.

Over the past eight years, I have taught a wide range of students with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, including undergraduate students at UCLA, LMU, and West LA Community College, high school students in LAUSD and charter schools throughout San Diego County, as well as adult learners at Job Corps. I have designed and led large lecture courses (90–120 students) as well as seminars (15–20 students) both in a traditional classroom environment and online. I have also developed composition courses and writing workshops intended to introduce students to discipline specific research and writing practices. My efforts to make history and the historical method accessible to an introductory level audience have been recognized by both students and faculty.

My teaching philosophy is based on a student-centered model of progressive education. I favor classroom dynamics that foster dialogue between the students and the instructor. Rather than simply lecturing, I strive to cultivate a multi-vocal interactive environment in which students can express themselves freely. I use a variety of methods to promote student engagement with the course material, including real-time digital classroom assessment tools for my larger lectures and role-playing games, online discussion forums, peer review, and mentored research projects in smaller seminars.

As an instructor I endeavor to help students bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. I want students not only to learn concepts relevant to historical study, but also to recognize their broader relevance and application to the world around them. I therefore design my lesson plans with the primary purpose of honing critical thinking and communication skills that my students can confidently apply to challenging scenarios both inside and outside my classroom.

Experience has taught me that good teaching requires continuous self-reflection and adaptation. Teaching challenges me to constantly reevaluate my methods and develop fresh and effective instructional techniques. I see a career in teaching as an exciting and unique opportunity to impact the lives of others, while continuing to grow myself as an instructor, scholar, and community leader.


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